logo Chemobudowa-Kraków S.A.


Joint Stock Company
ul. Klimeckiego 24
30 - 705 Kraków
tel. 0048 12 / 652 - 75 - 00
fax. 0048 12 / 652 - 75 - 02
CHEMOBUDOWA - KRAKÓW S.A. established in 1949 is one of the leading Polish building companies.
Over 50 years of intensive experience gathering allows us to undertake almost all kind of works.
Scope of our activities includes "turnkey" projects design, construction, building, installation and comissioning.
We realize the following investments:
  • Complete chemical plants,
  • power plants,
  • celulose factories,
  • food processing plants,
  • breweries,
  • hospitals,
  • offices and school buildings,
  • hotels and leisure centres,
  • residential housing,
  • roads, bridges and dams,
  • sewage treatment plants and water purification facilities,
  • railway lines,
  • reconstruction and restoration of historic property.
CHEMOBUDOWA-KRAKÓW S.A. has its operation branches in Kraków, Tarnów, Oświęcim, Nowy Sącz and foreign offices in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, and in Prague - Czech Republic.
CHEMOBUDOWA-KRAKÓW S.A. employs highly qualified personnel of about 1000 employees, 400 of whom work on foreign contracts.

Additional assets of CHEMOBUDOWA - KRAKÓW S.A.

  • own transport fleet and building machinery,
  • hotels and leisure facilities.

The Building Centre of the Company (area over 100 000 sqft) with its Permanent Construction Exhibition and seasonally held Building Fairs at 14 Klimeckiego Street in Kraków is a new kind of promotion of modern building material technology and project development.

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